Restaurant and ticket areas

Overview of ticket categories and prices

Standing room

Day ticket

With the regular day tickets you have access to the racecourse.

You can also enter the following grandstand areas with the day ticket:

Iffezheim Grandstand with integrated Turfschänke, the 2 towers, Oleander - and Kincsem Tower and the Terrace Lounge within the Grand Saddle Seat Grandstand.

Seating (without catering)

Numbered seats

The numbered seats are located inside the saddle seat grandstand. There are several levels, the seats are covered, but it is not an indoor area.

The grandstand is located on the last 200 meters of the finish line, so you have the best view of the exciting final phase of each race.

Should your appetite arise, you will find a wide variety of gastronomic stands on the racecourse.

Box seats

The box seats are located in the Grand Saddle Seat Grandstand. The individual boxes are designed for up to 4 people. The seats are largely protected from the weather by the large roof of the Saddle Seat Grandstand.

Since the seats are at the very front, you sit like on a terrace and can watch the races from the best position.

Box plan

Terraces lounge

The Terrace Lounge is located on the 1st floor of the Saddle Seat Grandstand on the race course side, directly opposite the award ceremony area. You can use the staircase or the elevator.

The associated terrace offers the best view of the driving ring and award ceremony. The seats there are not reservable.

The Terrace Lounge can be entered with a valid day ticket.

Café at the Führring

The Café am Führring is located, as the name suggests, directly at the Führring, with the best view of the action.

Our catering partner Kling-Huber Eventservice offers a small menu in self-service and guests can take their order directly from the counter to their seat.

The seats cannot be reserved in advance and can be used with standing room tickets valid for the day.

Beach Area

In close proximity to the main entrance, we have already created a large beach area with deck chairs, cocktail bar and video wall in our launch year.

The highlight: Our family partner - BGV-Badische Versicherungen have not only provided seating for parents, there are also extra children's deck chairs and, in good weather, paddling pools and sand toys.

From the beach you have a good view of the adjacent Kinderland and can watch the little ones play and still watch the races!

Restaurant seats - seats with catering offer

Are you ready for an experience in a class of its own?

Then let us introduce you to the fascinating world of gallop racing and experience your business appointment in a holistic new way.

The team of RIZZI & CO - FINE FOOD AFFAIRS offers you and your guests an exciting combination of fresh and modern ideas from the kitchen and courteous service at the table.

Enjoy with a welcome champagne the breathtaking view of the racecourse and the Black Forest offered to you from the balcony.

During the event, the attentive staff will serve you drinks at your table and you can enjoy a rich buffet of high quality food variation help yourself.

Combine the excitement of the races with exceptional culinary delights in a unique location.

Reserve your spot today and enjoy an unforgettable day!


Table plan Champions' Club


Patricia Rotering

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 07229/187-313

Restaurant seats - a la carte area

Black forest terrace

The Black Forest Terrace is one of the most popular areas in the grandstands. The large panoramic windows can be opened completely, creating a unique terrace feeling with a view of the terrain.

From here you have an excellent view of the last 200 meters of the finish.

The Black Forest Terrace is divided into several rows, with the 1st row standing out in price.

The à la carte menu offers seasonal and regional dishes.

Table plan Black Forest Terrace

Wine terrace

On the second floor of the large saddle court grandstand is our à la carte restaurant wine terrace with a view of the turf.

These restaurant seats are located on a higher level behind the numbered seats and are thus protected from the weather without windows. From here you can also follow the races from a very good perspective.

Table plan wine terrace

Club place terrace

The clubground terrace is located directly on the terrain and is part of the Bénazet Grandstand. It is divided into two areas:

Open air area - a la carte service

The open air tables do not have an umbrella and are therefore dependent on the weather. The tables start directly at the rails, so you can experience the races and the final fight up close.

An à la carte menu offers seasonal and regional specialties, which are served at the table by the service staff.

Gallery area - a la carte service

The tables placed on the gallery are equipped with a large parasol.
Due to the elevation here you have a very good view of the terrain.


An à la carte menu offers seasonal and regional specialties, which are served at the table by the service staff.

Table plan club place terrace

Restaurant seats - self service


Baden Turf Meeting

On the 1st floor of the Bénazet Grandstand is the Baden Turf Treff, our self-service restaurant. You have free choice of seats for all tables.

Private Lounge

Brenners Lounge

The comfortable private lounge of the Brenners Park Hotel in Baden-Baden is located in the club tower on the home stretch. There is a large covered terrace overlooking the racecourse.
The Brenners Lounge offers various packages from which you can choose.

Spend a stylish day with your guests with exciting betting and relaxation in charming surroundings.

You can book seats in the Brenners Lounge under: 07221/ 9 00-235



Culinary delights on race day

A wide variety of catering needs come together on a race day.

The currywurst & fries lovers, the fine VIP catering, the desire for hearty fillers or just the craving for a delicious Pimm's!

Our goal is to offer you a wonderful race day that will be remembered for a long time. An important part of this is the offer of food and drinks from our catering partners!

Public Catering

The catering partners of the racecourse Iffezheim try to meet every demand and to create many moments of pleasure at the end of the day.

We are pleased to have found Kling-Huber-Eventservice, an experienced partner for a diverse range of food and beverages on the race course.

He is also responsible for the restaurants Wein Terrasse and Schwarzwald Terrasse.

Bénazet Grandstand

The Bénazet Grandstand is divided into 2 sections.

Champions' Club & Sponsors Club

Champions' Club and Sponsors Club on floors 2 and 3 are our hospitality areas, while catering is the responsibility of RIZZI & CO. - Fine Food Affairs is responsible for catering.

We are very pleased to have found in Peter Schreck a catering partner whose reputation and performance extends far beyond the borders of Baden-Baden. Our gastronomy will be significantly upgraded as a result.

In addition to the RIZZI restaurant, Peter Schreck also runs the GEROLDSAUER MÜHLE inn and the THE GRILL sushi & beef restaurant, as well as the BERNSTEIN club at the Casino Baden-Baden.



Clubground Terrace & Baden Turf Treff

The Clubplatz Terrasse as an a la carte restaurant and the Badener Turf Treff as a self-service restaurant are managed by our experienced public caterer Kling-Huber Eventservice.

He is also responsible for the Black Forest Terrace and Wine Terrace restaurants and has many years of racetrack experience.




10 race days are planned, tickets can be purchased here via the "Tickets" button on the home page and/or via Ticketbutton (right bar).

The booking for the Champions Club, as well as inquiries for business events in the hospitality area Sponsors Club should be made directly through Patricia Rotering([email protected]).