Your racetrack visit


Arrival by car:

From the A5, take the Baden-Baden-Mitte exit in the direction of Iffezheim and follow the racecourse signs. At the racecourse you will find sufficient parking spaces (fee required).

Arrival by bus and train:

Take the train or S-Bahn to Baden-Baden main station, located in the Oos district. From there you take the bus, to Iffezheim goes the line 218.

If you stop in Rastatt by train, you can also travel directly from there by bus. Line 234 runs from Rastatt station to Iffezheim. You can find the timetable here.

Racecourse overview

Our racecourse map will help you find your way around the extensive facility and navigate to the most important hotspots at the first go.

Parking areas, restaurant areas or even the driving ring and award ceremony area are of course listed.

In addition, you will find many signposts on the site that will guide you all over the place.

The most important questions from A-Z


If you come by car, leave the A5 at the exit Baden-Baden - Iffezheim in the direction of Iffezheim and follow the signs. From Baden-Baden train station there is line 218 and special buses. By cab you are about 10min from the station to Iffezheim.


The racecourse opens its gates approx. 90 min before the first start. The exact starting times of the individual races are usually set three days before the race day.


The catering of the racecourse is divided into 2 areas and also assigned to 2 partners. You can find more info here.

Dress code

There is no set dress code. However, a jacket is not out of place in the more exclusive areas such as Brenners Lounge or Champions Club. The general rule is that you are welcome to dress up or simply come in a casual and relaxed manner. Whatever you like is permitted!


A single day ticket costs from 8 euros. Tickets with guaranteed seating start from 19 euros. Children and young people up to the age of 12 are admitted free of charge. Day tickets purchased online in advance (at least by 00:00 on the day before) are €3 cheaper than at the box office.

Lost property

For lost property handed in at Baden Galopp, please contact the Citizens' Office at Iffezheim Town Hall. Address: GEMEINDEVERWALTUNG IFFEZHEIM Hauptstrasse 54, 76473 Iffezheim, Tel.: +49 (0)7229 / 605-0, E-Mail: [email protected]



Baden Galopp offers two free public guided tours of the racecourse grounds at the start of the race day. Learn more about the fascination of horse racing. You can find the times and meeting point via the rider program.


Experts refer to the track on which the horses gallop, the turf. Entering it is strictly prohibited, because thoroughbreds can travel at up to 60 km / h, and the risk of injury is great.


Bringing dogs is allowed, but they must be leashed AT ALL TIMES. A watering hole is available at the Absattelring and Secretariat at the Libra building.

We ask you to pick up the leftovers of your pets and dispose of them in the trash cans. Throughout the grounds, we have placed appropriately chic bag dispensers: Freely according to the motto: "Don't leave a mess, throw away the poop!"


Free guided tours before the start of the races provide information about the racecourse and an introduction to the betting action. Weather information is available at the Wettstar tent, the stand is located on the grandstand side directly next to the lead ring.

Children's land

The BGV - Kinderland includes many attractions for our little visitors. Every day, Jochim's play mobile with bouncy cushions, vehicles and a wide range of play options is a guest. There is a cordoned-off area for the vehicles so that no children get lost in the hustle and bustle. On some days we offer an additional family program, you can find more information under the tab supporting program.


Since April 1, 2021, Baden Galopp GmbH & Co. KG has been responsible for staging the gallop races in Iffezheim. The people behind it are Peter Gaul and Stephan Buchner. The Great Week 2021 was the new operator's first event.


Don't be shy about visiting the racetrack: there is no set dress code, the prices for admission, food and drinks are affordable, nor is betting witchcraft. Our guests come from all walks of life and age groups.


Information about the races and Baden Galopp can be found on our homepage and at

News about the racetrack, training and dates are available almost daily on our social media channels. Feel free to drop by and leave a like.




The Baden-Baden - Iffezheim racecourse has a large number of paid parking spaces. If you are afraid of a short walk of a few minutes, you can secure reserved parking spaces in parking lot A directly at the Benazet grandstand.

Quick Pick

The Quick Pick is the easiest way to win a lot of money in the four-way bet with a small bet. You have to announce at the cashier how much you want to bet (at least two euros) and the computer will type for you. With a little luck it will be the first four horses in the right order.

Saddle Seat

The single admission ticket is traditionally called a saddling area ticket, as you can watch the horses being saddled in the driving ring. The ticket gives you access to the Iffezheim grandstand including the Kincsem and Oleander Tower and to the Terrace Lounge on the second floor of the large saddling ring grandstand with a view over the driving ring and the saddling ring.


There have been horse races in Iffezheim since 1858 and many of the main sporting competitions such as the Grand Prix of Baden or the Future Race have been around since the early years.


Horse racing is pure entertainment: it offers elegance, dynamism, excitement and the chance to win money.

Including a mega fun factor that nobody can resist. When the four-legged top stars turn into the home straight with flowing manes and flying hooves, no one is held back: Business customers in pinstripe suits and "normal" horse enthusiasts alike jump up from their seats and break out into extremely loud cheers.


Iffezheim has many prominent guests. The goal of Baden Galopp is to make every visitor feel especially well taken care of.

If you would like to spend a race day as a VIP, you have the opportunity to secure seats in the exclusive hospitality areas "Champions' Club" or "The Finisher", for example.

The Brenners Park Hotel in Baden-Baden also offers an exclusive racing experience with the special Brenners flair in its own "Brenners Lounge". Tickets for this lounge are available at


Betting is not as difficult as some people think and often a novice who relies on his gut feeling has more success than the supposed expert. The minimum stake for a bet starts at 50 cents. The different types of bets are explained in the race program and on information boards.

X, Y + target

The distances change in the horse race and vary between 1,000 m and 3,200 m. The 2,200 m start directly in front of the Grand Saddle Seat Grandstand is particularly attractive. The horses run around to the left in Iffezheim. The finish is always at the same place next to the big video screen.