There is hardly anything as exciting as bringing your "own" horse to the start on a racetrack, cheering along during the race and hoping for a good placing.

With a bet you become a "co-owner" even with a small stake, you can cheer on your horse and actively participate in the race.

In the end, there may even be a prize waiting at the betting counter.


  • Minimum stake for win and place bets 2 euros
  • Minimum stake for 2 and place twin bet 1 euro
  • Minimum stake for 3 and 4 bet 0,50 Euro
  • Minimum bet for 2 out of 4 bet 3,00 Euro


The odds are shown for one euro stake, i.e. if the winning odds are 10:1, one euro stake will pay out 10 euros.


Unredeemed betting slips can be redeemed during the meeting on the following race days at any betting counter. Or they can be sent to the following address up to a maximum of four weeks after the race day, stating your bank details:

Baden Galopp Iffezheim e.V.
Racecoursestr. 16
76473 Iffezheim


Want to bet?


1×1 of the German betting types



Ten betting rules not only for beginners

  • The win and place bet does not require a lot of prior knowledge. Approach the betting slowly, even with a small bet you can have a lot of fun.
  • At Iffezheim, the Toto favorite (the horse with the lowest contingency odds, which are shown on the screens before the race) wins only one of three races. But in two out of three races he is among the top three and thus ideal for a successful place bet.
  • If the contingency ratio moves significantly down or up in the last quarter of an hour before the race, this is a clear sign. If the odds drop, more experts believe in the horse's success. Conversely, caution is called for.
  • Information and tips are available during the daily free guided tours on each race day. In addition, there is an introduction to the betting action at the information desk under the Saddle Seat Grandstand after each race until the main race.
  • Go to the driving ring, have a look at horse and rider and listen to the tips of our experts in the "". It's worth it.
  • You can also find important tips in the race program and in the trade magazine "Sport-Welt".
  • Listen to your gut feeling when choosing your bet, but decide on the wager with your mind. Never gamble beyond your means.
  • Set a limit at the beginning of race day and spread your bets throughout the day so you can have an afternoon of fun and not fret over a potential loss.
  • Betting is only possible from the age of 18.

Betting can be addictive. Gamble responsibly. You can find professional help